Centuries before people heard about The Priory of Sion, The Illuminati or The Opus Dei, there existed a Secret society in India which today is known as “The Nine Unknown”. As the name itself suggests, it was a secret group of nine powerful people said to be established by the great emperor, King Ashoka of the Mauryan Dynasty in 270 BC. He formed this secret society to safeguard advanced knowledge in the form of books which he felt would be dangerous to humanity if they went into the wrong hands. The society remained unknown to the Western World for a very long period of time. In 1923, Talbot Mundy wrote a novel about this secret group. In his novel, he claimed that the story is real and he acquired information about this group during his tenure in India as an officer of the British Government. Mundy in his novel said the nine books contained advanced research and information regarding nine different subjects.

Propaganda: The first book contained the techniques of propaganda and psychological warfare. It discussed on how to mould public opinion in one’s favour and rule the world.

Physiology: This third book discussed physiology and explained how to kill a person simply by touching. It involved the reversal of a nerve impulse.

Microbiology: The third was about microbiology and biotechnology. It discussed about a “divine nectar” with which immortality could be achieved.

Alchemy: The fourth book focused on dealing with alchemy and the transmutation of metals.

Communication: The fifth book discussed about various means of communication; both terrestrial and extraterrestrial. This means that they were aware of alien presence.

Gravity: The sixth book explored the hidden facts related to gravity. It is said that the book also contained instructions on how to build an anti-gravity flying machine known as “Vimana”.

Cosmology: The seventh book discussed about cosmology and the matters related to the universe.

Light: The eighth book discussed about the properties of light and harnessing the speed of light to use as a weapon.

Sociology: The ninth book focused on sociology. It discussed ways to create, nurture and destroy a whole culture or civilization.

It is very apparent that a powerful secret society like “The Nine Unknown” could have existed in the past. There is no concrete evidence to abolish this society as a myth, neither can it be proven concretely. It can be as true as death is; Or it can just be a legend traversing through the history for over 2000 years.

Picture Courtesy: Ancient Origins