History Unravelled brings you the most exciting and captivating stories from Indian History. The idea of History Unravelled was born with the thought of penning down interesting stories from Indian history. It is an ode to compelling stories from our past. We have curated the tales of our brave warrior kings and queens, the forgotten heroes, the greatest battles fought, dynasties and empires of India, the invasions, and more. In short, you will read more than what our textbooks and early education have taught us – and all in one place. Through this website, we bring the story of Akhand Bharath to life for our readers in a digital format and make Indian History much more easily accessible through varied narratives and timelines. 

We work with a team of Historians who use rare primary sources, reliable references, and multimedia content along with infographics, to bring the best of Indian History to you. We stringly believe that there are stories yet to be widely known and stories that need to be heard about our rulers and kingdoms that shaped our collective history. 

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